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Dr. Corina Jula-Cazacu

Dr. Corina Cazacu graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, Ovidius University, Constanta. She then went on to complete an internship(?) at Dr.Peter Alexander Weisz Clinic in Germany and a one year post-graduate course in Implantology from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Carol Davila University, Bucharest. In 2007 she became member of the WOSIAM (World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine) as well as SSER (Aesthetic Dental Society in Romania).

A few years later, in 2010, she obtained the title of Scientific Researcher of the 3rd degree(?). She attended various courses in implantology, facial aesthetics and anti-aging as part of the Milan Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Corina Cazacu is an expert in anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and botulinic toxin, making aesthetics her passion.

She’s a strong proponent of painless treatments and in regards to aesthetics, she guides her patients towards a NATURAL LOOK

Dr. Radu Jula

“I’m a strong proponent of painless treatments, taking extra precautions to ensure all my procedures are done at a high level of comfort for patients. Considering these values, we created the concept of medical-spa, our clinic being fitted with high performance inhalo-sedation (?). We do everything needed to eliminate the slightest sensation of discomfort or tension. At our clinic, you will be always welcomed with a warm smile”

Dr. Radu Jula graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, Carol Davila University, Bucharest.

His aim is to always provide the best services in regards to technique and, in consequence, spends a considerable effort to updating his abilities, education and competences through various seminars, conventions, and conferences related to health and oral surgery.

Dr. Vlad Petrescu

Dr. Vlad Petrescu

Oral surgery

Dr. Vlad Petrescu-Seceleanu is the vicepresident of the Romanian Dental Implants Association and a member of the "European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery"

Dr. Irina Dinca

Dr. Irina Dinca

Intensive therapy and anesthetics doctor

Dr. Irina Dinca helps us in providing a painless experience to surgery treatments.

Advanced technology helps us offer the best results possible