Modern dental practices allow us to obtain the endurance as well as a natural aesthetic that modern cavity fillings require. We can restore the teeth to their previous endurance and aspect with the help of nanocomposite resins and ceramics. Old, blackened cavities can also be replaced and the teeth can look at their best.

During our lives, most of us will have a cavity. In most cases, the doctor will recommend removal of the affected tissue and will then fill that cavity. Lately, new discoveries were made in this field so that in case you have not had your cavities replaced lately, you can ask us about options to replace them. This way, you can choose the best option.

1. Nanocomposite resins 

What are these?

Most of us have had silver or gold amalgam. These were also called ‘mercury cavities’ because that mixture contained mercury in it. While efficient, they were also very visible and had a tendency to gain a darker shade in time.

Nanocomposite fillings have been created as an alternative to regular metal-based ones. Cavities which are similar in coloring as the teeth are known as composite resins. These are durable, strong, and have a very similar color to teeth.

Who is a candidate for composite resin fillings?

If you have a cavity, broken or cracked fillings, this kind of filling is to be brought up in a discussion with your dentist. The old fillings can be easily removed and replaced with more attractive, natural fillings. These can also strengthen your tooth more than old ones.


How is the procedure done ?

The dentist will numb the area. Eventually, the damaged tissue will be removed with the help of drills. Fillings can increase the lifespan of the tooth. In some cases in which the cavity is close to the nerve, the dentist will use a special substance to help protect the nerve.

A special material will then be used to clean the surface and prepare the tooth, This way, you get better adhesion. The bonding agent will be applied so that the filling will be stronger. This layer will then be hardened with the help of a lamp so that it gives the protection it needs.

Composite resin fillings are applied in small layers, each of them being fotopolimerized before applying the next layer.

Once done, the dental professional will place a special sheet of paper to adjust the height of the filling, so that the bite will remain the same. The tooth is then polished.

In case such a filling is not enough to protect the tooth or if the enamel layer is thin, it can easily break or if the tooth suffered a root canal, the tooth can require extra protection, such as a crown.

Risks of such fillings:

There are no risks in regards to the general well-being of the patient in this case.


2 – Metal mixture fillings

This type of filling contains mercury and is often referred to as metal filling. Their safety has been challenged for a long time due to possible leaks of mercury in the body.

What is the cost of this kind of composite ?

Due to the fact that fiziological cavities take more time than metal-based mixtures, they cost more. Although the price ranges depending of the practice, such a cavity can cost between 100-250 RON (depending on gravity).

Advantages of natulral looking composites

The composite is well fixed on the dental structure, preventing the breaking of the tooth. The final aspect of fillings is much better then ones that are metal-based, with a naturally blended look. These fillings are often used to improve the aspect of colored, chipped, or unshapely teeth.

Fillings last between 6 and 12 years or even more, and the procedure is a one-time visit to the dentist. Compared to metal-based fillings, hot or cold sensitivity is much lower.


The fillings require a more sensitive procedure then metal-based fillings. This usually means a higher cost of procedure.

This information has the purpose of introducing the basic notions of dental and aesthetic procedures. This information does not substitute medical act or a consultation, and does not replace professional treatment. The information provided on this website is conceived to come as extra information, not to replace the existing patient-doctor relationship. If you are considering this treatment or have any questions, you can contact us.