Professional teeth whitening with Zoom2 lights (Hollywood whitening)

This whitening procedure is harmless and has no discomfort, along side the reduced treatment time; The white shades that result make this to be one of the most requested treatement by patients who have limited time. Light-based teeth whitening is also very useful and recommended in case of events that demand a flawless smile in a very short time span (marriages, parties, conferences, hi-class events).

How does it work?

The whitening procedure is done only in the dental practice by a certified dental doctor. It is recommended that the patient undergoes a full cleansing to remove all the exterior discoloration before the whitening procedure.

The whitening includes several steps:

1 – Application of a gum barrier to protect your gums

2 – Application of a special peroxide hydrogen gen

3 – The gel is activated with the help of the lamp

4 – The procedure is done in 2 parts of 15 minutes each

5 – After the procedure we remove the active substance from the surface of the teeth and we apply a different fluoride-based gel that will reminerialize your teeth.


How white will the teeth be afterwards?

After the whitening procedure, the teeth will be whitened by up to 10 shades, depending on the initial color and state of the teeth and enamel

How long does it take ?

The whitening procedure takes approximately 30 minutes

Is it dangerous ?

Professionally done teeth whitening does not affect the teeth, does not weaken the resistance of these or the predisposition to cavities. However, whitening does require a few follow-up restrictions for the procedure to be fully effective. Performing it in a dental practice should be a guarantee that the procedure is safe and, eventually, the patient will not have dental problems as consequences.

Is it painful ?

The teeth whitening procedure can lead to some TEMPORARY sensitivity. Clinical trials have shown again and again that there is no damage to the teeth nerves. It’s scientifically proven that teeth whitening done with professional products can have a protecting action for the teeth due to the perfectly dosed content of fluoride based salts done as part of the procedure.

Who is not fit for whitening?

Whitening is not recommended to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases, patients who have light sensitivity or are on photo-reactive treatments, even if they are homeopathic. Also, teeth whitening is difficult to realize on people with wide filled cavities on frontal teeth, crowns or patients with serious gum conditions.

What to do after the procedure?

Taking into account that the whitening process is undergoing after the patient leaves the practice, and the color of the teeth will stabilize in about 48 hours afterwards, it is important that for the following 5 days after a procedure the patient is rigorous when it comes to dental hygiene. During this period you can avoid the following products:

  • strongly pigmented aliments (beets, carrots, strongly colored juices, etc.)
  • strongly pigmented drinks (coca-cola, coffee, red whine, etc.)

This information has the purpose of introducing the basic notions of dental and aesthetic procedures. This information does not substitute medical act or a consultation, and does not replace professional treatment. The information provided on this website is conceived to come as extra information, not to replace the existing patient-doctor relationship. If you are considering this treatment or have any questions, you can contact us.