A beautiful smile can have beneficial effects both on self-confidence and on how we socialize. Aesthetics of smile is focused on improving the look of a person and usually addresses those dental procedures that help to engrave the entire face.

The ceramic or zirconium works or crowns, porcelain facings, physiological fillings, periodontal surgery, and implantology can produce major beneficial changes in appearance and well-being.

We can recommend the best aesthetic dental treatments to get the smile you want. After the consultation, we will plan a change of aesthetics of your smile based on x-rays, digital images, photos. We will then simulate a result giving you the opportunity to visualize your future smile. Combining the latest generation of experience with our facial aesthetics, we offer our patients our works of art.

The purpose of the treatments is to achieve the most appropriate results for your physiognomy simultaneously with a natural, physiologically functional effect in terms of both teeth and smile.

There are cases where more complicated interventions that require a longer time are needed. For all this, we will be careful to significantly reduce discomfort and recovery time.

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This information has the purpose of introducing the basic notions of dental and aesthetic procedures. This information does not substitute medical act or a consultation, and does not replace professional treatment. The information provided on this website is conceived to come as extra information, not to replace the existing patient-doctor relationship. If you are considering this treatment or have any questions, you can contact us.