Dental jewelry
What is Dental Jewelry?

In recent years, dental jewelry has become the latest trend in dental cosmetics, the number of patients demanding this service is steadily rising. Dental jewelry comes as a complement to classic jewelery, giving smile a special look.

The procedure for integrating jewelery is to apply it to the surface of the tooth. These jewels are specifically designed for dental use and can be made of glass crystals, or white and yellow gold.


How painful is the application of a dental jewelry?

The procedure is simple and completely painless. The tooth is not affected in any way, not using the milling cutter. The patient will agree with the doctor on a jewelery model and the tooth it will apply. A demineralising agent is used on the tooth surface to promote good adhesion with the soldering material. Later, with the help of a special light-curing adhesive, the dental jewelry is fixed to the chosen tooth.

How long is the procedure for applying the jewelery?

The application procedure lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

How long does the jewel apply to the tooth?

Permanent dental jewelry can be attached to periods of up to six months or sometimes even a year or two depending on the procedure in question. Temporary jewelery can last up to six weeks or a little longer.

Can not give it a jewel?

Removal or replacement procedures are as quick and painless as mounting them. if the jewelery is not removed or replaced, and the patient accidentally swallows the jewel it is naturally eliminated and does not cause any harm to the internal organs.

Does it prevent brushing?

They do not interfere with normal functions such as brushing, dental floss, mouthwash and gum, nor is there any change in dental hygiene

Aesthetics can recommend the necessary procedures to achieve the desired smile. After the consultation, we will develop a custom makeover plan with dental jewelry.

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