Liquid Facelift

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin that cause the face to fall. Loss of skin volume and elasticity creates wrinkles, lines and creases.
Using liquid lifting techniques, fillers are injected to shape face and Botox features to relax certain wrinkles or lift certain areas.
Non-surgical lifting can achieve: lifting facial features, reducing wrinkles / grooves / depressions on the face, restoring the natural contours of the face, a more rested look of the face, a more pleasant smile. In some patients, the goal is to raise the entire face.
For example, the bags under the eyes may disappear, the eyelids may be lifted, the stomachs can be bulked and raised, the mandibular area may be raised and stretched, the outline of the lips can be highlighted, the volume of the lips can be hydrated, the collapses of the mouth can rise, the nose can straighten and the tip can rise easily, all wrinkles can fill.
For all these procedures different categories of products are used for each area: some produce volume and lift, others hydrate and retexturate, others relax and rejuvenate the skin.
The price of a complex liquid lifting varies depending on the number of syringes used, each face requiring different amounts of solutions. If all the wrinkles on the forehead, the eyebrows and the eyes of the Botox are treated, the hyaluronic acid rings are filled, the cheeks are bulging, the lips are drawn, the mandibular area is raised, the skin is rejuvenated with the help of Dracula Therapy, it can be reached even for amounts over 2000 euro.
The non-surgical facial lifting technique has the following advantages:
1 is fast (it takes about an hour)
2 is relatively painless (only the usual injection sensitivity appears)
3 has few side effects (which disappear in a few days)
4 is a minimally invasive method (i.e., during surgery no tissue damage occurs, eg scalpel, stitches, anatomical segments repositioning)
5 does not lead to scarring
6 hospitalization is not necessary, reflecting both the patient’s comfort and lower costs than the surgical method
7 is a natural look of the face, without the “mask” usually associated with the notion of lifting
The results, depending on your wishes, can be subtle or exceptional. It is very common for patients who have undergone such a procedure to be compelled by people around them who have not realized that the patient has done something because, unlike surgical lifting, everything seems extremely natural, nothing forced. In most cases, the results are so good that they can radically change the life and self-confidence of the patient.