The nonsurgical procedure of rhinocorrection with hyaluronic acid refers to the remodeling of the nose with injectables for soft tissue filling. This is done outpatient without anesthesia because it does not hurt. The procedure has the function of smoothing, filling and blurring the sharp nose or depression, changing the nose tip angle (nose tip lift), restoring the nasal symmetry and offering a small size look. The duration of the procedure is about 10 minutes and is usually performed with anesthesia in the form of cream in the more sensitive.
This method of non-surgical rhinoplasty can only correct aesthetic, not functional problems.
The benefits of the procedure are faster results, reduced tissue invasiveness, shorter healing time, minimal or absent pain. However, the results are not permanent, at the injection stage the effect lasts for about a year, and as the procedure repeats it, it keeps getting more and more.
Please read also the Hyaluronic Acid Filler section because the filling substance is the same.