What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On-Smile is a comfortable and removable dental application that does not require previous training, injections or adhesives. Its patented design is flexible, incredibly strong and fixes on the patient’s teeth. Without pressing on gingival tissue and without palatal coverage, as fixation is made entirely on the tooth. Snap-On-Smile is non-invasive and easy to remove, making it completely reversible.


What is it made of?

Snap-On-Smile is made from crystallized acetylic resin, allowing it to have a minimum thickness of 0.5mm without compromising resistance. It is the only application that can be manufactured in variable thicknesses along a single application to get a more natural appearance and contour. It is durable, resists stains caused by cigarettes, wine and coffee and allows patients to eat while wearing it.

Can it be personalized?

Snap-On-Smile is available in many shades and forms that you and the patient can choose. It can be created to cover a top or bottom arcade and / or arcade to fit almost any patient’s need. Applications for both arcades can be worn simultaneously.

Who can use Snap-On Smile?

Patients who are interested in a non-invasive, reversible and accessible approach to restorative and cosmetic treatment are perfect candidates for Snap-On-Smile. It is an easy, fast and innovative solution for patients who want to look better, feel better and perform their activities with greater pleasure.

What is the procedure to order Snap-On Smile?

After consulting the patient, you dentist, take the fingerprints of the desired arcade and the antagonistic arcade. together with the patient select the shape and the desired shade. Then, your office sends the complete case to Snap-On-Smile to be manufactured. Your patient’s customized application will be delivered to your office within 30 days. Schedule the patient for a visit to the office, adjust the application if necessary, and then insert

Is there any guarantee?

Snap-On-Smile can be restored at no additional cost up to 60 days after delivery of the dentist’s application. Snap-On-Smile is a custom application, so it can not be returned at any time for retouching

Affects speech?

Speaking may be affected for the first few minutes of use, although this varies depending on the patient. The instructions accompanying the Snap-On-Smile custom app include a list of verbal exercises that help accelerate the patient’s acclimatization process.