E-Max crowns

Dental cavities are signs of bacterial contamination. Periodic controls are indicated to prevent bacterial dental diseases. Not all teeth are affected in the same way by dental caries, but most caries affect the crown of the tooth.
A crown is sometimes required as an artificial coating for the tooth to be protected, covered, and to replace the natural mastication surface in case of major destruction. A dental crown minimizes the chances of a future tooth damage.
A prosthetic work stabilizes the teeth present and replaces the remaining teeth on the arcade. Decks are used when other treatment options such as unidirectional implants are not possible solutions.
There are many types of crowns and prosthetic works today. We can offer treatment solutions that involve bridges or crowns with perfect adaptation and maximum results. Most prosthetic treatments have zirconium as the preferred ceramic material. We also do traditional ceramic works on metal or composite materials. Where a ceramic work is the best indication, we have an excellent success rate. In clinical cases with missing front teeth, the treatment solution with major aesthetic results is a prosthetic work or a zirconium crown.
If prosthetic treatment is part of solving your case, we can offer you a wide range of materials or types of work. For some patients, dental implants are the optimal treatment option. Whether a tooth is missing or missing more, you can make a program to find out if dental implants can help you chew better and get a confident smile.


1. Maximum aesthetics at minimum thickness (the thickness of these crowns is comparable to that of the dental faces).

2. E-Max crowns have emerged from the necessity of maximum physiognomy, being virtually impossible to distinguish between natural teeth both color and transparency being considered at present the indication of choice for frontal teeth.

3. Maximum precision and excellent adaptation being milling on CAD-CAM system (cyber-milling), the errors being virtually null.

4. Eliminate possible allergies caused by some metals used as a skeleton for different types of prosthetic works.

5. The very high resistance to ceramic fracture used for this type of crowns is a special one (the lithium disilicate) being an extremely tough material.

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