Wrinkle correction with botulinum toxin (Botox)


With age, repeated muscle movements cause the skin to grow. Expression wrinkles begin to appear after the age of 20 and become permanent and easily recognizable after the age of 30. Botulinum toxin anti-wrinkle treatments relax the muscles, smooth the wrinkles and prevent their reformation. Face wrinkles can be minimized using a purified protein produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium that results in the relaxation of the duration of muscle contractions.

What Are Botox Treatment Areas?

Botox is the treatment of choice for expression wrinkles from the upper face: horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, the “goosebone” at the corner of the eyes.

Botulinum toxin treatment is also used for axillary, palmar, plantar, hyperhidrosis, etc. (excessive sweating in different areas of the body).

Another sign of treatment with botulinum toxin is bruxism, one of the most common sleeping conditions. Bruxism is manifested by scratching the teeth and jawbing the jaws involuntarily during sleep. Botox works by relaxing the muscles and thus reducing the effect of tooth friction or jaw straining.

Other applications: treatment of depression, migraine, acne at the forehead.

Non-surgical wrinkle treatment has been practicing for over two decades and is nowadays considered one of the most risk-free aesthetic treatments. Botulinum toxin treatment, also known as Botox, has been used in millions of patients worldwide, with remarkable results.

What is the aesthetic consultation?

To help the patient understand the complete procedure and the healing phases, Aesthetica recommends a consultation in which the pacette will compose a health record, it will be presented with all the details of its specific case since each individual has unique characteristics that the doctor will should be taken into account during treatment.

A few days before and after treatment, antibiotic / anti-inflammatory pills (pain and cold pills and flu pills) are forbidden. Also, about a week prior to supplementing with vitamin C, E, ginkobiloba or other homeopathic combinations that may increase bleeding during surgery, should be stopped.

To ease your consultation, ask patients to come prepared with an ID. The consultation takes about 15 minutes, please schedule your phone a few days ahead to avoid unnecessary roads.

How Long Does The Effect Of Botox Treatment Work?

Botulinum toxin treatment results in muscle relaxation for about 3 months. By virtue of the fact that muscles are immobile throughout this period, muscle atrophy occurs automatically, so the muscular relaxation period is prolonged in natural fashion, up to 4-6 months on the first treatment. From one injection to another if the treatment is repeated when the muscle has not fully resumed its function (if it is still atrophied), we can extend the muscle relaxation intervals by about another 1-3 months.

In conclusion, Botox treatment at the first injection lasts about 3-5 months, with time to keep increasing.

The doses injected per area remain the same but the time intervals increase. The variations between 3-6 months are absolutely normal.

A successful treatment means complete installation of the effect within 2 weeks. The duration of muscle relaxation only rests on the patient’s field and harmful factors, not the injected product or the injection technique. It is normal that the muscular movement gradually reopens automatically and the wrinkles reappear. After the first treatment, the muscular movement can gradually begin at 2 months and up to 4 months the wrinkles return to the initial state. As the treatment is repeated, the effect is likely to keep getting more and more

What is the treatment with Botox at the Aesthetic Clinic?

A few drops of toxin are injected with the help of an extremely fine needle in the muscles of the face in the writhing areas so that the nerve impulses that cause the muscular contracture block and the muscle relax so that the skin does not grow. The face mime is not significantly affected, but wrinkles are no longer formed.

Botulinum toxin injections can be combined with injections of hyaluronic acid for a complex facial rejuvenation effect.

The treatment itself takes between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the number of treated areas. Patients experience a slight stinging sensation in the injection area, there is no need for anesthesia.

The effect is not visible on the spot, but begins in about 3-5 days and the maximum occurs after 7-14 days. After about 2 weeks of injection, the effect is fully installed and consists of wrinkle reduction and exfoliation, frowning of the face. Expression and facial mimics continue to be maintained, expression wrinkles disappear, and the overall picture is natural, relaxed, relaxed. Aesthetics guarantees the results of botulinum toxin treatments in this cause we recommend a short consultation 2 weeks after the treatment.

Is botox injection painful?

The procedure is performed with needles and needles specially designed to inject extremely small amounts of botulinum toxin and therefore the technique is easily bearable. There is no need for local anesthesia, punctures are superficial and those extremely fine (like hair). There are no cases reported in the literature where these treatments are not easily tolerated by patients.

What happens after the Botox effect disappears?

Since the effect of the toxin is not permanent, it gradually diminishes and wrinkles reappear. If the patient decides not to repeat the treatment, the condition returns to the initial stage but skin quality is greatly improved in that area because during the period when the muscles were relaxed, the rate of local aging was slowed.

Risks of Botox Injections:

The risks of botulinum toxin injections are the same as any vaccine or injection: reactive or allergic edema, erythema, bruising, hematoma (temporary reactions with a short healing period of 2-3 days).

Allergies are quite rare, but the risk of their occurrence is not completely ruled out. Allergies are manifested by edema (swelling) of the injected areas just like after a bee sting. Allergic patients with various foods, medicines, etc have a higher risk of developing an allergy and botulinum toxin. Cases are very rare, but please schedule your treatment so that you do not have important events the next day after it is done. Although signs usually disappear within a few days, our doctors will advise you not to have important scheduled appointments for two weeks after treatment (these details will be presented both verbally by our doctors and in writing, being consensual for treatment).

If the patient does not follow the doctor’s instructions, even temporary asymmetries can be produced, which can be corrected to the palpebral plexus (fall of the eyelid). These reactions are extremely rare and occur in patients who disregard post-treatment indications (extreme temperatures, sauna, sun, beach, exercise, hot baths, antibiotic or anti-inflammatory pills, dermatological cosmetic treatments, facial massages ).

Sometimes, an extra correction injection may be required.

Restarting botox treatment does not have any negative effects, you only regrow the expression wrinkles before injection.

After the injection, there are no traces, just a few red dots for 1-2 hours. You can immediately resume your socio-professional activity.

Botulinum toxin treatment is contraindicated in the following cases:

– If you suffer from the Gravis Miastenia

– if you suffer from a neuromuscular disorder

-If you are allergic to botulinum toxin

– if you are pregnant or nursing

How much does Botox treatment cost?

Prices vary depending on the number of units used per area. In general, the room prices are between 100-200 euros, treatment of the entire upper floor of the face can cost between 250-400 euros.

The areas where Botox is injected are:

1.glabela (eyebrow area)


3.the outer cart of the eyes

4. nosebase (or internal eye angle)

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