Oral surgery, implantology

A surgical intervention is absolutely necessary in some clinical causes such as embedded teeth. Wisdom teeth known as 3-molars are the last teeth on the jaw. In many cases wisdom teeth do not have enough room on the bone so they will erupt but still be part of the bone. These teeth can cause inflammation, pain and gum infections.

Not only molars can be part of the bone but also other teeth too. This situation can cause problems to the bone, gums, and neighboring teeth. Dental professionals usually recommend extraction of such teeth.

A dental implant is the best course of treatment in case of missing teeth. They are artificial roots that anchor themselves surgically to the bone and substitute one or several natural teeth.

For most patients, the optimal treatment is the one with dental implants. Be it because you are missing a tooth or more, you can come for a consultation to find out if implants are your best option to help you chew and smile with confidence again.

This information has the purpose of introducing the basic notions of dental and aesthetic procedures. This information does not substitute medical act or a consultation, and does not replace professional treatment. The information provided on this website is conceived to come as extra information, not to replace the existing patient-doctor relationship. If you are considering this treatment or have any questions, you can contact us.